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A local charity supporting teenagers with sexual health issues including HIV/AIDS.



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Company Feedback

We used Brighton Business IT to help us meet our contractual requirements. Part of this was to ensure that all information stored on computers was encrypted. We met with Brighton Business IT team and they explained exactly what we needed in terms of bringing the computers up to spec as well as the encryption package.

I am not all that IT savvy, however, they enabled the organisation to have a better understanding of what was required.

In addition we also needed to purchase a number of new laptops which Brighton Business IT sourced and purchased on our behalf. Their staff spent a day and a half installing all the appropriate software throughout the organisation.

They also arranged a much improved internet contract which has helped improve and stabilise our internet connection.

All of their team were terrific in being able to explain what they were doing and why and have enabled the organisation to be better prepared in relation to technology.

I would highly recommend Brighton Business IT to anyone and I know we will be using them again for any future support.

Tish L.

Chief Executive, Sexual Health Charity

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