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Why business owners need email on the go

Thanks to the huge advances in modern technology, conducting business whilst out and about and out of the office simply couldn’t be easier, yet sadly, a large portion of business owners are missing out by not realising the true potential of modern technology in the...

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How to Enable BitLocker Encryption in Windows 10

What is BitLocker BitLocker is a full-disk encryption feature included with Professional, Ultimate and Enterprise editions of Microsoft Windows. BitLocker is not available in Starter and Home versions. BitLocker is designed to protect data by providing encryption for...

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Information Security Policy

Introduction Information is a key resource for Brighton Business IT Ltd, without which virtually all of our activities would cease. Our information includes: computing network, database systems, coding and case data; administrative, personnel and financial data....

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Data Protection Policy

Data Protection Policy Brighton Business IT Ltd data protection policy sets out our commitment to protecting personal data and how the company implements that commitment with regards to the collection and use of personal data. Brighton Business IT Ltd is committed to:...

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