Real-Time Shared Data Collaboration

Enable your team to easily and effectively work on a shared project with the shared data collaboration services by Brighton Business IT.

Increase Efficiency

Stop wasting time on sharing documents by sending emails back and forth. Work on a shared project in real time and watch the productivity of your team go up and up.

Empower Users

Get rid of the geographic boundaries and empower your team by providing access to the data at a single place that can be accessed from multiple devices across the world.

Zero Multiple Versions

No need to store multiple versions of the same file. All team members get access to the latest data that is always updated in real time.

Highly Secure

All of your data is highly secure and no one other than your team can access the data without relevant credentials. You can rest assured that only your team has access to your organisation’s data.

How We Work


We have highly experienced developers in our team who have a combined experience of the decades in the field of shared data collaboration. Our shared data collaboration solutions make life easy by providing access to the required data at all times so that your team can focus on your business.


We understand the importance of data availability to an organisation. We have dedicated team members who work on the shared data collaboration features of our service. These team members are always available to help take care of any problems.


Our team has been successfully providing IT services to commercial businesses since 2008. We ensure that our clients gain a competitive edge with the help of our IT services. We have knowledgeable developers in our team who are always ready to help you with any of your IT needs.


We have been working with the local businesses in Brighton and Hove Area since 2006. Our shared data collaboration services have helped a number of businesses as well as voluntary organisations achieve greater efficiency and lower costs.

Shared Data Collaboration

You help your organisation choose the right level of file management that your organisation requires.


Data Backup

You data is backed up at all times. You choose the number of previous versions to keep for recovery.


Data Compliance

We make it easy to enforce security policies to make your data accessible to only the authorised personnel.


Data Comparison

Our data collaboration software makes it easy for the document owners to track the changes made to the document by various users.

Share and Sync Documents

Our data collaboration software lets you share and sync all of the documents across your different locations in UK and throughout the world. You can also choose the required region for data storage to comply with the UK and EU regulatory requirements. You stay in complete control and maintain data sharing so that only the authorised users have access to the data.

Work on the Go

Your team members can work on a project from anywhere in the world. They can use any device, including mobile and make changes to the data on the go. The updated data is available to the other team members in real-time, automatically.

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Windows 7
Windows 8

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