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Brighton Business IT helps you work more efficiently by embracing the latest technology with our friendly and dedicated to charity IT support.

Embrace Technology

Automate routine tasks to improve your processes and make use of the latest advances in technology to perform your charity work more efficiently and quickly.

Save on Costs

Get special discounts on both software and hardware for charity organisations: partner with us and use the money saved to further fulfil your charity’s goals.


Protect Data

Keep all of your critical data secure at all times with our specialised charity backup solutions. We help you put into practice all the guidelines for voluntary organisations.

Increase Efficiency

Work with your information at any time and from different locations: benefit from our powerful collaboration features specially designed for voluntary organisations.

You are changing lives. We want to help.

Reduce your IT costs and help staff and volunteers work together more effectively.
Diverse Charity


Brighton Business IT understands the unique needs of charity organisations. Our team offers a compassionate and respectful IT support service.

We strive to solve all kinds of IT problems at all times.

Our team is always ready to answer any queries your staff may have and our technicians endeavour to explain everything IT-related to your organisation in order to help work better and faster.


Our team has extensive experience in serving voluntary and non-profit organisations in Brighton and Hove Area.

We offer a range of charity IT support services at affordable prices and our highly experienced team of IT specialists is always ready to provide dedicated solutions to any IT problem.

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Cost Effective

Spend Less on IT

We understand that volunteers have limited budgets and therefore, we strive to achieve maximum IT efficiency for voluntary organisations.

We aim to help your charity achieve significant discounts on both software and hardware by registering your voluntary organisation with a range of donation programs available.

In other words, we make every penny count.

Latest Technology

New technologies are always being introduced in the field of IT and our team at Brighton Business IT keeps at the top of latest technical developments.

This way, we can ensure that your charity is always using the best in IT in order to operate at the most efficient level.


— Increase productivity, reduce costs, and simplify your IT

Charities know IT should help you deliver on your mission, not distract from it. We provide productivity tools and collaboration solutions that work together, helping your organisation focus on doing more good.

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Windows 7
Windows 8

IT Support for Charities and Voluntary Organisations

We provide full range of IT support services dedicated to voluntary sector.


Network Support

We care for your entire IT network: we do not just deploy but we also maintain and upgrade your IT infrastructure.


Remote Support

We offer remote support to resolve IT issues quickly. Our friendly specialists take time to explain everything to prevent reoccurrence of the problem.


On Going Maintenance

We offer unlimited, all inclusive, designed to charities IT support services at very affordable prices.

Training Support

Continuous training is a must to run an efficient organisation. Here at Brighton Business IT, we understand the need for friendly and compassionate training service for voluntary organisations. Therefore, in addition to offering strategic advice on IT matters, we also offer one on one training and custom IT training for staff at voluntary organisations.

Compliance Help

The experts at Brighton Business IT help your organisation become compliant with the DPA and Voluntary Compliance Codes for your specific sector. We understand the need to protect all the personal data. Our specific IT solutions for voluntary organisations help in keeping the data safe at all times: on-site, remote and in transit.

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Other Services

Cloud Backup

Safeguard your business future by protecting your data with automatic and encrypted off-site Cloud Backup

Hosted Exchange

Sync your mail, calendars and contacts across all computers, phones and tablets without the need for a server with Hosted Exchange

Data Sharing

Free your business and staff to work from anywhere, together, with 24/7 secured access to Shared Data.

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