Email Rules can be a powerful tool to manage incoming mail. With simple set up and full customisation options, these rules process incoming mail with ease.

Server Auto-reply

When you receive an online message via a contact form or simply an email to your support mailbox, it is easy to set an Auto-Reply and let the sender know the message is received.

Using a Server auto-reply ensures the message is sent even when your Outlook program is closed.

Here are 6 simple steps to enable Server Auto-Reply:

Rules - Add Rule
  1. Choose Rules > Add Rule.
  2. Select Advanced to pick the options.
Step 2, Select Conditions
  1. Select have server reply using a specific message.
Select "have server reply using a specific message" option
  1. Click on a specific message.
  2. Type a message and select Save and Close button.
  3. Click Finish to complete the rule.
Type message, choose Save and Close

All done! The rule will be executed by a Server and a reply message will be emailed automatically.

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