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12 May 2015

Dear Igor,

Thank you for the excellent professional service that Brighton Business IT provided recently when you advised, installed and configured our new office IT system. The scope of your company’s work included hardware (PC, laptop and hand-held devices), software, network, internet connectivity and system security i.e. the complete solution that we were looking for.

I very much appreciated it that you arrived on time, made sensible cost-effective recommendations utilising mainstream technology, and didn’t leave until we were both 100% happy that everything was working satisfactorily.

Two weeks later I am very happy with the new set-up, which has had a notice-able beneficial effect on the business’ productivity and profitability, as well as being easier and more enjoyable to use than the previous system.

I would have no hesitation in recommending you to other business customers so please feel free to forward or publish this letter as you wish.

Tom Kenny

Managing Director, Civilian ID Limited

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